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"As a teacher and group leader in a summer camp in Ireland I was lucky enough along with the students to experience a couple of classes of bushcraft with Ross and his partner. Ross is very experienced and knowledgeable and you can see that he is passionate about what he does. The students loved him, as did I! He demonstrated and explained each skill before we had a chance to try it. We were able to do various things like foraging, learn about useful plants as well as poisonous ones, start a fire using flint and steel, make shelter, learn different knots and hang up hammocks, make bread, popcorn and smores using the fire and so much more. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, and it took place in a beautiful natural woodland behind the college. It was a hands-on experience that left students (and me) inspired and more confident with nature and themselves. I highly recommend taking a course with Ross! You won’t be disappointed!"

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