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Bushcraft is the practice of skills and gaining knowledge to be comfortable and safe in a natural environment. The four main aspects are fire, shelter, water and food. A mixture of both primitive and modern techniques and tools are commonly used.

The greater your skillset and the more knowledge you possess, the less you need to carry. This includes having a strong awareness of your surroundings and being able to safely identify what flora and fauna are around you and how you can utilize what's in your location in an environmentally sound way whilst foraging for food and tracking, trailing and trapping. Bushcraft also involves learning how to use a variety of tools safely and to be able to maintain them and improvise with them.


We run several different levels of Bushcraft days and longer courses. All our sessions are with small group numbers to give you the best hands on instruction.  As well as the ones listed below we run special events throughout the year with guest instructors. Keep an eye on our events page and social media for the latest updates.


All our days include all tools and materials needed and  a fire cooked lunch. There's always a kettle on for tea and a coffee percolator simmering!


Bushcraft level 1 


This intro day is perfect for people wanting to learn the basics. 


Bushcraft level 2


Ideal for those who may already have some bushcraft knowledge. More detail and advanced skills are taught and practiced. 


Bushcraft level 3 


This day is a lot more advanced, to include fire by friction, advanced shelter building and trapping.


Spoon Carving 


You will learn the skills needed to carve your own spoon to bring home with you.Timber choice, grain orientation, tool safety and maintenance are included in this very popular day. 


Basket Weaving 


Learn to weave your own basket to take home with you. You will taught to weave with several different natural materials dependent on season.




This fun day includes making natural cordage, bushcraft camp chair, pot hangers and other handy natural camp aids. 


Advanced Firecraft


All about fire. On this day you'll make your own bowdrill set from scratch and learn the tips and tricks to get a successful ember.

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